Lappelli Enamel Studio is run by Teresa Kent. Teresa is best known for her enamelled bowls; she works with vitreous enamel glass applied to copper and fused in a kiln.

Her work is organic and uses the interaction of the hot enamel and the copper itself, by pushing the boundaries of this medium she achieves effects that means no two bowls are ever the same.

Enamelling on copper rather than silver is a growing medium and Teresa is continually trying out new combinations of colour and temperature.

Functionality is as essential as beauty and form, so many of the pieces have the potential for different uses, simply an ornament or perhaps a dish for bits and bobs. Her jewellery often has a reversible side or the ability to be worn in several ways.

Teresa is a member of British Society of Enamellers and is an Associate Craftsman with the Guild of Enamellers, and a member of The Worcestershire Guild of Contemporary Craft. Currently she works and teaches from her workshop in the small village of Blackwell in Worcestershire.


Teresa started her journey as a jeweller producing textured and dimensional pieces on copper and silver, she then started to use enamel for added colour. Enamelling took over as a passion and now she produces gifts ranging from jewellery through to small bowls, dishes and pictures.

She has a passion for sharing the enamelling process as well as other crafts and runs regular teaching sessions in her workshop, these can be tailored to individual requirements.

Lappelli Enamel Studio
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